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1. Does One Good Step have a not-for-profit registration?

One Good Step is registered as a bona-fide Trust (NGO) governed by Indian law under the Bangalore jurisdiction and is fully authorized to carry out charitable works and to seek donor funds for the purpose of charitable and developmental works.

2. Who is behind One Good Step? Who runs it?

We are a lean organization with a strong core team of currently six people. Our founder is dedicated fully to the
organization and the other five members of the core team hold significant positions in the corporate sector.

Our advisers are eminent people from various spheres of business and society and we have a network of supporters who pitch in towards their area of expertise.

Read more about our core team and advisers here

3. What percentage of the funds collected goes to the actual cause?

We look at it the other way round. All funds (100%) collected for a project are directed towards that particular project. Each project however has some expenses, like administrative (bank gateway charges) and logistical charges (where projects involve transport of materials). This is accounted at actuals and incorporates into the project expenses and typically amount to anywhere between 5 to 15% of total outlay for a project.

Any funds donated towards the development on the One Good Step platform will be used 100% for this purpose and we would be very happy if you contributed towards the same.

4. I run an NGO or know of one which is doing a great job. How do I get this NGO on board the One Good Step platform?

Mail us at getintouch@onegoodstep.org and tell us more. The only criteria that we set for coming on board is the authenticity of the organization and the impact it creates.

5. I have an idea for a social project that I wish to implement. Would you be interested?

Of course! The purpose of One Good Step is generate participation in social change and encourage ideas for the same. Write in to us at getintouch@onegoodstep.org . We can certainly explore possibilities and see if your idea can be implemented through us or through one of our NGO partners.

6. I would like to do some meaningful volunteering. But the option that I have in mind is not here. What can I do?

Tell us more. We are focussed on creating volunteering opportunities that will make the best use of your skills. Write in to us about what you wish to do and we will try to find a match for you. Any skill you possess (english speaking, computer skills, music, cooking, arts) are potential volunteering opportunities.

7. How do I know my funds are being put to good use?

All our donors will recieve updates on project completion or interim updates for long running projects. However, if seeing in person is beleiving, we encourage you to experience the impact yourself. All donors are most welcome to visit project sites and assess impact for themselves

8. Are you audited for financials?

Yes. WE diligently maintain our accounts and believe in the highest degree of financial transparency. Our accounts are audited annually. We will publishing our first annual report at the end of the next financial year.

9. What happens with One Good Step fund?

The One Good Step fund is used for two purposes.

The first is to develop this platform so we can make it the one place you can go to whenever you wish to do something for a positive social effect.

The second, we sometimes fund medical emergencies where we are convinced it is genuine case and is verified with hospitals and doctors. So in case of such pressing medical needs we fund it from the One Good Step fund.

10. I still have unanswered questions. What do I do?

Write in to getintouch@oneegoodstep.org. We will be happy to answer.