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Support A “Rock-star” Para-climber

Funding a World Champion Para-Climber

Project Start Date: 26 th Jan 2016

Project End Date: 30 May 2016

What is the cause?

Enable an Indian para-athlete, to participate in the World Championship to be held in Austria (16-17th July 2016) and Paris (14-18th September 2016)

In the World Championship medals tally for 2014 the only medal that India got was the Silver earned by Mani in Para Climbing, defying the odds and overcoming disability!

We read and hear about athletes who have triumphed in their sport despite tremendous physical odds and adverse economic conditions. Mani is an athlete who is on the journey in pursuit of great achievements in his sport of para-climbing. And what makes this world champion special is that he is doing it in defiance of the disability that was caused by a childhood polio affliction. But given the weak sporting eco-system in India Mani needs all the support he can get to fund his participation in the upcoming World Championships.

Who is Mani?

Manikandan Kumar is a “rock-star” in his own right. He was born into a family of modest means. His father is a carpenter and his mother rolled incense sticks. When he was five years old, he was afflicted by polio and it claimed his right leg from hip downwards. With no power in his right leg, at one point, he had to use his hands to lift and move the leg.

But Mani was a determined child. With a lot of work-outs and exercise he worked hard to strengthen his leg. He began rock climbing in Bangalore, India, at the age of 16 in 2002 even while he was still nursing severe polio and had to use calipers for movement and support. The sport had him hooked and he was determined to scale new heights through it.

At 28 years of age, he became world number 2 in the Para-climbing world championship held in Spain in 2014. He is also the only Indian climber to win 2 gold medals and 6 silver medals in climbing in international championships. (Mens Arthritis and Neurological P.D. category) . His journey to the pinnacle of his sport has been marked with several laurels at the national level conducted by GETHNAA and Indian Mountaineering Federation.

He wants to represent the Para-Climbing community, a sport that has little recognition in India, to help gain further support and exposure for Indian Para-athletes in adventure sport. A truly bold and inspiring goal!

His challenges?

His current ambition is to represent in the World Championship in 2016 and he is determined to represent our country in it.

Working a coach for children who wish to learn climbing at the Kanteerava stadium he saves every rupee he can to enable his participation in this international competition. But while that covers a fraction of the estimated cost he is in acute need of funding support to make participation possible.

We are looking to raise an amount of Rs 6.6 lakhs for him.

The funding is needed for his travel to international locations, training and stay.

Details of the World Championship below. In the medals tally for 2014 the only medal that India got was the Silver earned by Mani

World champioship details

Be a part of his inspiring journey

Sponsor Mani. Contribute generously through this link. Nurture his amazing spirit and be a part of his journey in making sporting history.

All sponsors will receive regular updates on his progress and a letter of thanks from this World Champion.

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