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Pragathi slum children In

Streets to Schools Project

Project Start Date: 01 Jun 2017

Project End Date: 30 Mar 2018

Over the last three academic years 178 students have been channeled to mainstream schools from being out of school.

This year again we have 80+ students in two slum centres and we are committed to bring them to school by the end of this academic year.

The initiative was made possible by wide individual participation and CSR participation of 1 corporate

Objective: To take slum children off from the streets, train them and bring then back into the mainstream education system in government schools. Having had no formal education, the training aims to make them education ready.

Background:Education is the sole means to bring slum children into the mainstream of the society. Though every child has a right to education, the government education infrastructure is incapable of covering a large number of children who have never received an education and want to join schools mid-way through childhood.

The project operates in slums in Bangalore. Children in specific slum areas of Bangalore, who tag along with their parents when they work or roam the streets of the slum are brought here. Each centre comprises of two rooms and it houses these 40+ children.

Project Scope:Children have been identified from the slums and the effort will be to bring all of them back to the mainstream.

The next steps and the objective of this project is to train them to come to be school ready, and we also hope to improve basic educational infra-structure at the centre.

The project will conclude with the creation of permanent arrangements for the children in mainstream schools. On completion a fresh batch of children will be taken up to re-commence the exercise.

Our cost per child is about Rs 1000 per month and is inclusive of the nutritious food we provide, the cost of teaching staff and rentals

Implementation: This project will be implemented in collaboration with “Pragathi Charitable Trust”. All funders will receive updates and outcomes of implementation from One Good Step.

Funding Requirement: We are collecting funds for this project and we have a year round requirement for the purpose of mid-day meal for the children, for staff salaries and stationery requirements. Fund this project generously

One Good Step is a bone-fide registered NGO under the Indian law. So we are authorized to collect funds for social causes and you will receive invoices on receipt of funds into our account.

If you can help run a kids clothes collection drive in Bangalore in your apartment complexes/offices (for children below 10 years) and reach it to these children they will be tremendously grateful. Write in to us, if this is something you can do.