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“Nanna Kannu” (My Eyes) – Eye care for rural children

Eye Care Access for Rural Children

Project Start Date: 01 Jul 2017

Project End Date: 31 Jan 2018

In the first phase of this project,Aug 2016-Feb 2017, we reached 6500+ students, treated over 500 children free of charge, including 8 vision saving surgeries!

To achieve this we engaged 100+ corporate and individual volunteers, trained by medical professionals and dedicating their time for the cause. This has been a tremendously gratifying experience for volunteer groups

All the treatment, provided at no cost to the patients, was enabled by individual funders and one CSR association

What is the cause?

In rural Karnataka – just 60-100 km from IT city Bangalore, there are children with no access to basic healthcare facilities. Eye care, in particular, can have a significant impact on reading and education.This initiative is aimed at providing children with diagnosis and treatment on eye conditions.

Why is paediatric eye care so important?

Vision is the primary data-gathering system of humans, providing both near and distance information and integrating information holistically. All other senses together cannot provide equal info to the brain.

In the field of eyecare, an early diagnosis can make a significant difference to the prospects of correction and cure. In children, every year of non-diagnosis can lead to irreparable vision loss. Most govt. school students come from very modest backgrounds where access to reliable healthcare is a significant challenge.

In the absence of screening, children are brought for medical attention only AFTER significant damage has happened. A child whose condition could have been very easily treated then contends with vision loss with a lasting negative impact on their life and future prospects.

What do we want to achieve with this project?

The program is a very robust preventive eye-care initiative. Sankara Eye Foundation, who are pioneers in the area of community based will provide the medical support for this program.

The aim is to screen 10000 school going children for potential eye defects . About 7-10% this population has been observed to have eye issues. Majority of these errors are refractive errors and can be corrected with glasses.A miniscule number of students will have more serious ailments.

Students with refractive errors will be provided glasses on-site to arrest vision deterioration. Sankara Hospital will undertake the treatment for other cases at their hospital.


This is a joint initiative of One Good Step and Sankara Foundation.

It is conducted in collaboration with the district authorities – Education, and Health departments. Sankara Foundation, are pioneers in the field of community optical interventions. A movement started 35 years ago by Dr Ramani and Dr Radha, Sankara’s network has cumulatively performed over 1 million vision restoring surgeries and are amongst the largest providers of eye care in India.

It will be a volunteer led program, where volunteers will perform primary screening and Sankara’s medical professional will perform secondary screening, diagnosis and treatment.


We need volunteer groups to come forward to perform the screening. If you are or know of such a group please write in to us at getintouch@onegoodstep.org

We need funds for the spectacles. (Rs 500 per pair) and hospital treatment.(Rs 5000 upwards based on the complexity of the surgery)

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