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Light for Education

Light for Education

Project Start Date: 01 Jul 2017

Project End Date: 28 Feb 2018

In the first phase of this project,Jan 2016 to Feb 2017, we provided light for the education of 1550+ students in Std X, spread over 22 schools!

Over 5 years the benefit of this will successive batches of students 7500 students and their households

The initiative was made possible by wide individual participation and CSR efforts of 2 corporates

Objective: To give rural students in Class X lamps and the facility to read uninterrupted at night despite long power cuts.

Background:Light For Education, is a renewable energy initiative in collaboration with Selco, a pioneer in the field of solar energy in India. This project, to enable the education of Std X students through this ingenious model, of a single solar charging infra-structure at the schools and lamp distribution to the students.

Project Scope:.

This project addresses the most pressing current issue as articulated by the students; owing to power cuts on most evenings, each lasting 3-4 four hours, the study time of the students is severely compromised. The students are then forced to either read in candles and kerosene lamps or they do not read or do their homework at all.

We aim to tackle this problem with renewable solar energy. The solar charging units (which are the most expensive part of any solar infrastructure), will be installed at the schools. The lamps will be distributed to Std X students (typically 50-75 students in each school). The students will bring the lamps to school in the day and charge them and then carry them back with them for use at night. The next year these students will hand over the lamps to their juniors, for their use, thus maximising the impact.

In many schools, it has been observed that the unexpected benefit of this model has been that the student attendance in the schools improved, since the students had to come to school to charge their lamps.

The household also benefited from the light, as an alternate source to the candles and kerosene lamps.

Implementation: The implementation will been undertaken by Selco Solar, who are the pioneers of solar power in India. Selco, has an on-going commitment from the Menda Foundation, for funding part of the lamps. The cost per student (including lamp, solar panels and installation) is Rs 1000. One Good Step will be responsible for on-ground implementation at the schools identified.

Funding Requirement:For every Rs 1000/ that is contributed we will give a lamp to a child.

Be the change! Contribute generously to the cause.

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One Good Step is registered at Bangalore as a charitable organization under the Indian law.

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