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1) Information about NGO partners: In our endeavour to provide our audience with reliable information on the most genuine and authentic NGOs, we go to great lengths to authenticate the work that is done the NGOs on this platform. The authentication process includes a verification of NGO registrations and financial reporting. But more importantly, our core team or over trusted supporters spend a great deal of time with the NGOs on board to understand their work, needs, constraints and the impact they create on lives. However, despite our best efforts in case of any discrepancy between the information presented on this site and actual facts on the ground, One Good Step will not be held responsible for the same.

2) Direct donations made to NGO partners: One Good Step does not intend to be a conduit for fund flows to NGOs. All funds collected by us will be directed towards social projects with specific outcomes. However, all NGOs including us have operational expenses which constitute a significant percentage of their expenses, especially if they are running physical and residential premises. Hence patrons who wish to contribute directly to the NGOs are strongly encouraged to do so. However please do so after performing your own thorough due diligence to ensure that your funds are used for the right purposes.

3) Fund utilization by One Good Step: One Good Step collects funds for social projects with specific defined outcomes. We ensure that not more than 15% of the funds generated are used on our administrative, logistical and administrative expenses. On most projects it is not more than 7%. As much as 85%-93% of the funds generated is used in execution of the stated projects and for the intended beneficiaries.

4) Project success: The published projects are executed in collaboration with our NGO partners and volunteers. While we execute our projects with utmost dedication and commitment, success on social projects are often a function of environmental, social and other factors. One Good Step will not be held liable for limited achievement of project goals.

5) Volunteering: When we bring requests for volunteering to our audience we make sure the need is genuine and it utilizes the time and skills of the volunteers to the best possible extent. However individual volunteering experience might vary. One Good Step appreciates your feedback, so we can improve experiences for future volunteers.