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About Us

About Us

What is One Good Step?

One Good Step, in the letter, is a not-for-profit organization in Bangalore. We are a change enabling platform for crowd-sourcing charity, a bridge that connects the most credible and genuine causes in Bangalore to those who want to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Funding social development initiatives, working on social projects or contributing your services, One Good Step aims to create multiple opportunities for you to contribute to social change.

In spirit, we are about human compassion, dignity, and equality; across age, gender, income, and any other boundary we may choose to identify or imagine. We hope to represent the voices of the underprivileged in a manner that is honest, transparent, and respectful. We enable you to help those in need, in a manner that both works best with your choices and capabilities. We make it possible for you to see the positive impact you make. We enable you to ‘Be the change’ and also ‘See the change’

Our ultimate aim is to enable large-scale positive social change in India – and give fillip to a many-to-many cycle of giving and sharing.

We have chosen to walk this road to good. And we do hope you will join us.

Our Vision

Our vision is a socially responsible world; we exist to enable large positive social change through the power of collective, incremental individual efforts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together under a single platform the most credible and impactful social organizations & to create efficient, technology enabled channels, giving individuals and communities the choice of multiple avenues to participate in social change.

The One Good Step Philosophy

Our philosophy of One Good Step is true not just for us, but for every significant undertaking that ever was or is.

Spare a moment for this thought!

One Good Step is about, Overcoming the hesitation to take the first step

From Thoughts to Action, From Ideas to Creation; it begins with One Good Step

We enable you to take the first step towards action for social change.

We will ourselves, never hesitate to take the first step towards new ideas; to keep constantly evolving, innovating and growing the One Good Step platform.

One Good Step is about, Every small step leading us forward

What is not possible alone is possible together. One Good step is about the power of together.

Every step in the right direction is a good step; No step is too small or insignificant.

We will strive to bring together many small steps and together we can create large change.

And finally

One Good Step is about, Not being overwhelmed by the enormity of the journey

Think, not of the miles ahead; Think instead of the next step

Though long and daunting, though there might be setbacks and progress might be slow, this journey is about persevering and simply taking the next good step.

The Team

We are crowd-sourced! just like all the efforts we undertake to create social change.

One Good Step is not run by one or two people, but is an evolving platform which is the collective effort of many.

If you choose to do something for this platform, then you are on the team. Welcome aboard!