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How our Young Supporter Helped Create a Library Over the Summer


The summer holidays had begun. Like many young children, 9 year old Rutha and her younger brother were lazing at home. It was then that their mother told them about a friend’s initiative to collect second-hand books for setting up a library at a Government school in the Chikballapur district.

Rutha found the idea very strange. “They must be having books at home and in their school. Why do they want our old books?” she asked. Her mother explained that many children in India come from families that are too poor to spend on education and books. Many children missed out on education as they had to look after their younger siblings.

Also often even schools they attend did not have well stocked libraries for lack of funds. Her mother also told her that children like her who had a big collection of books they had grown out of could donate to such schools. Rutha was excited and wanted to help.

The first place to look was her bookshelf. Rutha not only put aside the books she and her brother had grown out off, she also decided to give to the school a significant portion of her collection of toys. Next, she told her friends about this initiative and asked if they could help. Her friends were also enthusiastic and gave her whatever books they had.

Rutha and her friends then decided to reach out to a larger network of people from the community they lived in. They approached their neighbours as well as people known to their parents. Over the next 3 weeks, Rutha visited several homes asking people if they were willing to donate books. Many residents in their community were extremely forthcoming.

She managed to collect 82 books a mix of story books, books for beginners in English as well as some related to phonics.

These books were handed over to One Good Step. One Good Step has now set up a small library in the Government High School at Mandikal Village.

Every time we see a young child selflessly take on an initiative to help others, we feel optimistic about the future of human society.

One Good Steps appreciates this initiative by young Rutha!

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